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The Investment Manager, Riviera, is part of the Affinity Wealth Services group, an Australian boutique wealth advisory and investment management group based in Sydney. 

The group’s mission is to use its expertise to ensure its clients’ goals are thoroughly planned for and achieved. Its team is passionate about supporting their clients to ensure their hard work provides them with a comfortable retirement and financial security for their families. 

Affinity Wealth Services Pty Ltd ABN 59 133 479 115 AFSL 402 370 (Affinity Wealth Services), a key member of the group, is the specialist financial advice arm of the group, and distributes the Fund. Affinity Wealth Services is an award-winning, privately owned boutique wealth management company. Its team is expert in the fields of wealth management, aged care and accounting and the company has spent 25 years helping its clients achieve their financial goals. Its advisers are skilled and experienced financial experts with a proven track record in growing and protecting its clients’ wealth. They are proactive in their approach and ensure they are well across any changes in legislation and in navigating turbulent markets. 

The group’s mission is to: 

 deliver personalised financial solutions to its clients 

 build trust and personal relationships by acting with utmost integrity, professionalism and by placing its clients’ needs first and foremost, and 

 provide such value that when its clients know someone who would benefit from professional financial advice they recommend us. 

More information on Affinity Wealth Services group can be found at www.affinitywealth.com.au. 


Under the guidance of its directors, day to day management of the Fund is made by the Affinity Group Research Committee. 

The Research Committee is responsible for the ongoing review of all assets, operational asset management, investment selection and implementation. The Research Committee is also responsible for the presentation of investment recommendations to the more senior Affinity Group Investment Committee. 

The Research Committee derives expert opinion on asset sectors from various investment sub-committee’s related to the underlying asset classes and assets within the AWS models. These investment sub-committees are made up of internal members of Affinity, as well as external expertise. 

It is the engine room where investment opportunities sourced from the reach of the overall group are scrutinized and passed or failed. 

The Research Committee is part of a series of checks and balances designed to ensure the utmost integrity in all aspects of the group’s business. 

The recommendations of the Research Committee are reviewed by the Affinity Group Investment Committee. 

The Investment Committee is made up of a majority of external members to the Affinity Group, and is primarily responsible for all strategic investment decisions and the review of portfolio performance. Here the recommendations are again reviewed for compliance with mandate. 

If decisions pass these thresholds they will then reach the board of Riviera. Riviera is the specialist funds management arm of the Affinity Wealth Services group, whose focus is to manage the Fund to achieve its investment outcomes. Its directors are drawn from senior management of the overall group, and it has access to the investment depth of the overall group. 

If approved, an investment will then move to form part of the portfolio of the Fund. 


Founded in December 2002, OneVue is a professional responsible entity, a wholly owned subsidiary of OneVue Holdings Limited ABN 15 108 221 870 (OneVue Holdings), an ASX listed company (ASX code OVH) which provides services to participants in the wealth management industry with a focus on the superannuation and investment management sectors. As the Responsible Entity of the Fund and issuer of this PDS, OneVue is responsible for the operation of the Fund in accordance with the Fund’s constitution, the Corporations Act and trust law. 

More information about the OneVue group can be found at www.onevue.com.au. 


Mainstream Fund Services Pty Limited (Mainstream Fund Services, or Administrator or Custodian) is the custodian and also the registry provider and provider of fund administration services appointed by us for the Fund. 

As Administrator, Mainstream Fund Services provides services which include unit price calculations and applications and withdrawals processing. As Custodian, Mainstream Fund Services is responsible for holding title to the Fund’s assets but may use sub-custodians. As registry provider, Mainstream Fund Services processes application and withdrawal requests and maintains the unit register. 

We maintain a service level agreement with Mainstream Fund Services which has certain limits on its liability. We periodically review its performance. Mainstream Fund Services is not responsible for the Fund nor has it caused the issue of this PDS. More information about Mainstream Fund Services can be found can be found at its website. 


Ernst & Young (Australia) (Ernst & Young) has been appointed by OneVue as the independent auditor of the Fund’s financial statements and Compliance Plan. Ernst & Young is not responsible for the operation or the investment management of the Fund and has not caused the issue of this PDS. 

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